VIDEO ⟩ Successful drone attack on Pskov airport filmed

Press representative of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian authorities do not yet know where exactly the drones that attacked the airfield in Pskov at night came from. Even before Peskov’s comment, Kremlin propagandists speculated that the drones could have flown to Pskov not from Ukraine, but from the Baltic states. … Read more

“The entry of the National Assembly into the opposition would be useful for Latvian politics as well.” Political scientist comments on the “small coalition” and the opposition

As for how joining the opposition will affect the NA and the NA, the political scientist explained that both political forces should be assessed differently. He noted that the National Assembly has its own main electorate, which will vote for the National Assembly in almost any situation, because this electorate has no other alternative. In … Read more

The Ministry of Education and Culture spreads false information about the shortage of teachers in the Aluksne region

The Ministry of Education and Science (MES) included teachers from closed schools in the teaching vacancies of the Aluksne region, thereby spreading false information about a large number of missing teachers, said municipality public relations specialist Evita Aploka. The false information that there are currently 11 vacancies in preschool institutions and 39 in schools in … Read more

VIDEO. In the Preilu region, during a sudden storm, houses were badly damaged, some even had their roofs completely torn off.

Hurricane damage in Dobele 16:00, September 1, 2023 About 20 houses were badly damaged by a sudden hurricane yesterday in Preili district, executive director Aigars Zimelis told LETA, noting that no one was hurt. Most read Cocktail “Maybe already rescued…” Actress Zane Burnicka is outraged that “robots” have started voicing films, and told how much … Read more

A coalition with 52 votes – SP, ZZS and Progresivie – will start forming a government on Monday.

On Monday, September 4, Evika Silina (SP), nominated for the post of Prime Minister, will start the next coalition negotiations, dividing ministerial posts between Jaunas Vienotibas, the Union of Greens and Farmers (ZZS) and the Progressive Party. ” party. Content will continue after ads Advertising On Friday, September 1, Silina said at a press conference … Read more

The coalition will be created by “Jaunā Vienotība”, ZZS and “Progresīvie” / Article

Such a coalition would have 52 votes in the Seimas. The previous second government, led by Krisjanis Carinhas (“Jauna Vienotiba”), had 54 votes in the Sejm. This means that the previous coalition partners – the “National Union” and the “Single List” – remained in opposition. Silina: 52 votes is the majority Asked if 52 votes … Read more

The most popular names for boys and girls of primary school age have been revealed

The top ten also included boys named Ralfs, Karlis, Emils, Artems, Aleksandrs, Daniels and Arturs. Alice, Anna, Victoria, Elisabeth, Paula, Elsa and Katrina continue the list of popularity among girls. In Riga, parents most often give boys of primary school age the names Roberts, Aleksandrs, Artems, Gustavs, Karlis, Marks, Maksims, Ernest, Arturs and Markus. On … Read more

AS decided not to enter the government of the SP, ZZS and Progresivo, because they do not want Lemberg’s influence in it.

Photo: Zane Bitere/LETA Edgars Tavars (left to right), co-chairman of the United List party association, Seimas deputy Edgars Tavars (left to right) and co-chairman of the Unified List party association, Speaker of the Seimas Edwards Smiltens answer journalists’ questions after meeting with the President at the Riga Palace. 11:50, September 1, 2023 The Single List … Read more