Chaksha criticizes the quality of education; results of centralized exams are dramatic

The performance of primary school students in the Unified State Examination in mathematics clearly indicates problems with the quality of education, since they reflect not only the material of recent years, but also the basic things that a child is taught, this position was expressed by the Minister responsible for education Anda Chaksha (SP) to … Read more

From autumn, 10 modernized e-learning courses will be available to students of Turība University of Business, where they can improve their digital skills – News

In order to facilitate the assimilation of new technologies and modernize the educational process in the curricula of the University of Business Turība, the teaching staff supplemented various e-learning courses with digitized learning materials and developed two new study courses. They will help improve the digital competencies of students and increase their competitiveness in the … Read more

Owner L.V.

Owner L.V. / 2023 (May) Let’s be realistic – 2023 will be quite difficult for farmers and does not promise big profits. The main factors affecting the farmer’s prospects for the upcoming season are government policies, global economic conditions, fluctuations in market demand and, of course, the weather. That is why we must work even … Read more