Whoever is given a talent must return it with a twist / LR3 / / Latvijas Radio

Opening the new academic year, in “Klasika” we meet with the rector of the Jazeps Vitolas Latvian Academy of Music and Professor GUNTARS PRANI – an experienced pianist and conductor, a musicologist with international recognition and a researcher of early music, who in 2015 received a doctoral degree with the highest rating (Summa cum Laude) … Read more

The new coalition will overcome the stagnation of the existing one, Rosenwalds hopes

There is hope that with the new coalition to be formed by Jauna Vetiba (SP), the Green Peasants’ Union (ZZS) and Progresivie, the stagnation of the government in power will be overcome, although no one can give such a guarantee, the political scientist expressed this opinion Juris Rosenwalds. Content will continue after ads Advertising Asked … Read more

Rosenwalds: There is hope that the observed stagnation of the existing government will be overcome with the advent of a new coalition

There is hope that the stagnation of the current government will be overcome with the help of a new coalition formed by Jauna vietība (SP), the Union of Greens and Peasants (ZZS) and Progressivie, although no one can give such a guarantee, this is such an opinion to LETA was expressed by a political scientist … Read more

Ready for challenges and difficulties. 129 schools and 136 kindergartens switch to teaching only in Latvian / Article

TOTALLY: The transition to teaching in the Latvian language affected 129 schools and 136 kindergartens. Until now, insufficient knowledge of the state language has been established among 3 directors and 119 teachers. There are not enough teachers in Riga Secondary School No. 34, but there is a determination to overcome difficulties. Director: The reform was … Read more