(Live Stream) "For the education of students and the right of teachers to education" Rally in memory of the general uprising of 500,000 teachers (2023.09.02, day) – Oh My TV

(Live) “For the Education of Students and the Right of Teachers to Education” Rally of 500,000 teachers to commemorate the general uprising (2023.09.02 PM)Oh my TV End of Public Education Day rally… Crowds gather / YonhapnewsTVYonhap News TV Angry teachers, 100,000 people gather in front of the National Assembly today… 4th “People’s education stopped”Mail Economy … Read more

Leisure and Recreation Minister apologizes again for controversy over Jamboree…"view audit results" / YonhapnewsTV – YonhapnewsTV

Minister of Leisure and Recreation apologizes once again for controversy over Jamboree… ‘Look at audit results’ / YonhapnewsTVYonhap News TV Kim Hyun Sook pointed out the lack of arrangements for the Jamboree, “It will be revealed as an audit by the Counting and Inspection Commission.”Donga Ilbo 18 days after Jamboree closed… Kim Hyun Sook, Minister … Read more

Coast Guard finds body on Eurwang-ri coast… Scheduled to request autopsy / YonhapnewsTV – YonhapnewsTV

Coast Guard finds body on Eurwang-ri coast… Scheduled to request autopsy / YonhapnewsTVYonhap News TV Woman’s body found on Eurwan-ri coast, Incheon… Coast Guard, autopsy requestyunhap news Body of unidentified woman found near Eurwan-ri Beach in IncheonMBK News Body found at sea in Ewol-eup, Jeju, rescued by firefightersSound of Jeju Coast Guard finds a body … Read more

(Weekend weather) It rains intermittently in South and Jeju over the weekend… Beware of strong waves – KBS News

(Weekend weather) It rains intermittently in the south and Jeju on the weekend…beware of the tideKBS News (Weather) Heavy rain on the south coast and Jeju… Beware of floods in the coastal lowlandsNewsTVCHOSUN (Weather for tomorrow) It continues to rain in the southern region… The central region is clearnews feed (Daily weather) Rain in South … Read more

(Weather on the W line) Tomorrow it will rain in Jeju and the south… The day after tomorrow it will rain all over the country

Currently, some areas in Jeolla-nam-do, Gyeongnam-do, the south coast, and Jeju have places where heavy rainfall accompanied by lightning occurs. The rain will be torrential until noon tomorrow Saturday, and then gradually ease. Until tomorrow, there will be a lot of precipitation on Jeju Island from 50 to 200 mm or more, and on the … Read more

Kim Myung-soo, whose term is about to expire "The delay in the process is due to the lack of judges… I will diligently investigate" – NewsTVCHOSUN

Kim Myung Soo, whose term has expired, “The delay in the trial is due to the lack of judges… I will work on the investigation in good faith”NewsTVCHOSUN Kim Myung Soo “Partisan staff? Quite rightly… The delay in the trial was due to a lack of judges.”Donga Ilbo Kim Myung-soo, “I will respond to the … Read more

Is the electoral system finally returning to the past?… Third parties ‘need to break polarization’

(anchor) Negotiations between the ruling and opposition parties over the reform of the electoral system have not led to a breakthrough. I agree with the idea of ​​stopping the satellite party gimmick, but can’t agree on a specific method. After all, there are predictions that it will return to the old electoral system, with minority … Read more

Court rejects arrest warrant over Kim Yong’s ‘perjury alibi’ – The Hankyoreh

Court rejects arrest warrant due to Kim Yong’s ‘perjury alibi’Hankyore Witness of Kim Yong’s “alibi false testimony”… Today’s redemption periodDonga Ilbo Witness of “Kim Yong’s Alibi on Suspicion of Perjury” Arrested / YonhapnewsTV (YonhapnewsTV)Yonhap News TV Prior to suspicions of perjury in Kim Yong’s case, head of Gyeonggi-do affiliate agency “admitted to all allegations”MBK News … Read more