‘Frequent blinking’ in old age: if you’re showing signs of brain atrophy due to memory decline, beware: Nate News

(Reporter Lee Sun Young, E-Daily) Forgetting symptoms can be seen as simple forgetfulness, but it can also be a mild cognitive impairment that lies between dementia and normal aging. Mild cognitive impairment is a disease in which the likelihood of developing dementia is higher than in the general population, and the course varies depending on … Read more

Cleft lip and palate rhinoplasty: how to achieve a satisfactory result?

(Medical Today = reporter Kim Junsu) Cleft lip and palate is a well-known congenital deformity of the face that is so common that it affects about 1 in 1,000 newborns. Causes have not yet been clearly established, but suggested factors include genetic factors, infections during pregnancy, maternal illness, medications, and nutritional deficiencies. Children born with … Read more

North Sumatra Health Authority Offers Free Vaccines to 135,445 Girls for Early Prevention of Cervical Cancer

Medan, tvOnenews.com – The North Sumatra Provincial Health Authority plans to immunize 135,445 girls with the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to prevent cervical cancer from an early age. This type of vaccine can help protect women against papillomavirus infection, which is the main cause of cervical cancer (cancer of the cervix). Alvi Mujahit Hasibuan, head … Read more

UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING. Awareness, validation, symptoms… what is “Turquoise September” starting today?

From September 1 to September 30, 2023, the September Turquoise movement will take place. This initiative, still unknown to the general public, was created in 2014 by the Imagin association. This should raise awareness and open up discussion about gynecological cancers. Unlike breast cancer, there have been no awareness campaigns on gynecological cancer. That’s why … Read more

Get to know ketapang leaves, antibacterial medicinal plants and other beneficial properties.

Mom’s life Amira Salsabila | Haybunda Saturday, 02 Sep 2023 03:00 WIB Jakarta – Ketapang trees were first discovered in India, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand and Australia. Ketapang leaves obtained from this tree are believed to contain nutrients that are beneficial in overcoming diseases. The leaves contain phytosterols, saponins, flavonoids such as quercetin and … Read more