a million dollar scam

NFTs still don’t work in the gaming industry. Last September, we reviewed why these certificates of ownership of virtual assets, better known as Non-Fungible Tokens (either non-fungible tokens in English), were failing in the electronic entertainment sector. Now they return to the fore with a new controversy that is directly …

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Fallout: all about the series Amazon Prime is working on

The first Fallout game dates from 1997, although the myth we know today is forged as a result of the acquisition of intellectual property by Bethesda and the premiere in 2008 of the beloved and remembered Fallout 3. They have already fulfilled 25 years of adventures in the wilderness, and …

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A mod increases the cuteness of Ganyu’s thighs — Kudasai

Some time ago we stopped talking about the modifications that the fan community makes to the popular video game of Genshin Impactespecially after one’s own HoYoverse (the company that manages the video game) issued a copyright claim to one of the most well-known. However, the userHazeker” cared little about the …

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