the association files an appeal to the Council of State

Three days before the start of the school year, the association Action Droits des Musulmans asks the judge in the chamber to “suspend the decision of the Minister of Education of 27 August 2023 prohibiting the wearing of this long traditional dress in schools.” Action Droits des Musulmans (ADM) on Friday demanded that the Council … Read more

‘Alarmed’ by Macron’s remarks, coup leader denounces ‘additional intervention’

TV Sahel / AFP Major Colonel Amadou Abdraman, a regime spokesman, criticized Emmanuel Macron’s remarks on a TV show. TV Sahel / AFP Major Colonel Amadou Abdraman, a regime spokesman, criticized Emmanuel Macron’s remarks on a TV show. AFRICA – Distrust of France is growing in Niger. The ruling military regime this Friday, September 1, … Read more

In Orange, Emmanuel Macron defends vocational school reform

Emmanuel Macron, accompanied by Minister of Education Gabriel Attal and Minister Delegate in charge of Vocational High School Carole Grandjean at Argensol Vocational High School in Orange (Vaucluse), 1 September 2023. LUDOVIK MARIN / AFP This is the first time: usually when students return to school, President Macron moved out as soon as the teachers … Read more

Femicide in Savoy: ex-husband tried to hide in a pipe

As of Thursday evening, although that morning Karen, a 42-year-old policewoman from Chambéry, was likely killed with a machete in her village of La Croix de la Rochette, the gendarmes were confident that her ex-husband, the main suspect, was located nearby, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe Buddhist center “Karma Ling” in Arvillard. The suspect’s Toyota … Read more

the association takes over the Council of State

The Association Action Droits des Musulmans (ADM) denounces the “risk of ethnic profiling” and the “illegal infringement of religious freedom”. The Muslim Rights Action Association (ADM) on Friday called on the State Council to urgently suspend the ban on wearing the abaya in schools, which risks creating “ethnic profiling“, according to the appeal filed by … Read more

Clement Bon annoys the Élysée by defending the GPA

Minister Delegate of Transport Clement Beaune in the courtyard of the Hotel de Ville in Paris on July 3. Quentin De Grove/Hans Lucas via Reuters HISTORY – In an effort to strengthen Macroni’s left wing, the Minister Delegate for Transport is stepping aside. Her colleague Aurora Bergé (Solidarity and Family) confirms that “the GPA is … Read more