Hair trends that favor round faces

Knowing the shape of our face will help us find those cuts and hairstyles that elevate our appearance the most, although fashion is made to play, it is true, there will be things that do not feel so good for us, that is why I have brought you these hair …

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5 spectacular films to start the year 2023 off right

These are the recommended movies to start the new year with the best energy. (Composition) With the New Year, other beginnings are coming and, after celebrating the farewell night of 2022, the first of January arrives surrounded by good energy to continue enjoying what is to come. In this regard, …

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Actors and producers put La Laguna on high | stories

As time passed, the Seventh Art in the Lagunera Region has marked a constant evolutionwhich has made it possible to publicize the true talent that exists in the regionwhere both actors, like producers and directors, have shown what they are made of. Such is the case with actors. Salvador Montenegro …

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