Carmen Salinas is still in intensive care and is not brain dead, but the stroke she suffered is “inoperable” – Prensa Libre

The family of the actress, producer and Mexican politician Carmen Salinas, 82, released this Friday, November 12, the new medical report on her health, and detailed that she continues in intensive care “in a serious but stable coma”, while that your vital organs function naturally. Carmen Plascencia, granddaughter of the …

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The rebellion of Christian Nodal

I would not believe that the idol of regional music Christian nodal, famous for his musical style and for his controversial love affair with Belinda, I could have something in common with legendary Hollywood star Olivia de Havilland (died in 2020 at 104 years old), but yes there is. Christian …

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Red alert, actors and characters: who’s who on Netflix’s Red Notice | Dwayne Johnson | Ryan Reynolds | Gal Gadot | FAME

“Red alert”(“ Red Notice ”in its original language) is a comedy-thriller film written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. The film has been available on Netflix since Friday, November 12, 2021, but was originally due to be released by Universal Pictures in June 2020. MORE INFORMATION: Explained ending of “Red …

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