Hiromi Rollin writes a letter to the prosecutor’s office and attacks the actor’s children

VALERY ASHE / AFP Alain Delon at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2019. VALERY ASHE / AFP In the Alain Delon case, Hiromi Rollin, introduced as the actor’s companion, wrote to the Montargis prosecutor to challenge the allegations made by Delon’s children. JUSTICE – “paid companion” de Delon breaks the silence and counterattacks. This … Read more

Emphasize that only KotaK is forbidden to sing the song, Posan: Buskers, Artists, No Problem

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com– The musicians of Posan Tobing categorically did not allow the KotaK group to perform their songs. In a short sketch on his Instagram @posantobing, Posan imagines two street musicians performing their song called “Pelan Pelan Saja”. Instantly, the busker immediately stopped singing because he saw Posan. See also: Posan and Pare Somasi KotaK … Read more