Scientists have collected this variety from experimental fields where people can try it.

The female academics, celebrating their 8th birthday, will collect seeds from their experimental fields at the Department of Chemical Biology, Faculty of Engineering, Palacký University in Olomouc. A symbolic horseshoe for the family will take place at the university campus in Olomouc, Golitsa. The celebrations will not miss the Donko wreath, the planting of a … Read more

The deputy mayor’s partner did not give up the Prague municipality. He’ll advise on the office next door.

Beneš decided to leave his post as a member of his partner’s advisory group after Komrskova was criticized for several days in mid-July by the public, the media and party members for hiring a loved one. For example, party chairman Ivan Bartosz found it inappropriate, while others spoke of nepotism, breaking the code, or damaging … Read more

Four children fell out of a cart on a roller coaster in Pisek, two were taken to the hospital

“We treated two minors with minor injuries and took them to the Pisek hospital,” said Zuzana Failtova, a South Bohemian rescue representative. “Probably after the unexpected power outage, when the little roller coaster stopped, the kids fell out of the cart. Fortunately, only minor injuries are reported,” Martina Joklova, spokeswoman for the South Bohemian police, … Read more

If the government doesn’t take it into their own hands, then we will! The head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has said it all

09.01.2023 21:33 | Monitoring According to the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Czech Republic, Zdenko Zajicek (ODS), the Czech Republic is reaching a point where there is a danger that it will decline and not prosper. According to him, therefore, it is necessary to immediately make legislative changes or conclude … Read more

An overturned truck blocked the main road between Brno and Vienna. Tragic incident caught on camera

The accident happened shortly after 16:00 at the intersection of the first class road no. 52 passing through Mikulov and the second class road no. 414 towards Brzezi. “One elderly man suffered life-threatening injuries and died before we arrived,” said ambulance spokesman Lukasz Dvořáček. Paramedics also treated another slightly injured man. According to Malašek, the … Read more

Pisek Pilgrimage Accident: Four Children Fall Down Rollercoaster

Updated 20:34, 01/09/2023 01/09/2023, 20:20 On Friday afternoon, four children fell off a rollercoaster during a pilgrimage in Pisek, South Bohemia. The attraction stopped, probably due to an unexpected power outage. The police are already investigating the case. The accident on the Pisek pilgrimage occurred shortly after 5:00 pm on Friday. The roller coaster came … Read more

The new underpass on the D3 motorway is too low. No trucks or buses will pass – ČT24 – Czech Television

Construction workers on the road from Hlinsko to Dubicnia on the outskirts of České Budějovice work on a road bridge. However, the underpass under the D3 is too low at this point. “Unfortunately, regular public buses cannot pass under this underpass precisely because of its height of three meters,” said Jiří Kafka, director of the … Read more