Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale: choice between petrol V6 and electric drive

The modern Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale gave millionaires the choice between a traditional internal combustion engine and an innovative electric drive. Although the auto company has not released more specific information about the gear ratio of the cars sold, the first behind-the-scenes information says that high-octane gasoline still rules. Italian Alfa Romeo surprised us with … Read more

Video test: Dongfeng Forthing T5 Evo

It is worth paying attention to all the new players in the new car market, because in the coming years there may be brands that can break this stagnant water. So far, Dongfeng hasn’t shown anything remarkable at home, but the Forthing T5 Evo is very remarkable. It’s impossible to get past this without saying … Read more

The world’s third-largest oil consumer, no longer interested in Russia, has announced that it will buy the cheapest oil, regardless of its origin.

According to the India Times, Indian Oil Minister Hardeep Singh Puri told ET Now TV on August 30 that India will buy crude oil from any source where the price is the lowest. New Delhi has boosted its oil imports from Moscow, and Russia has become India’s number one oil supplier after it began diverting … Read more

Oil prices “rise” for second month… Gasoline in Seoul averages 1,824 won / JTBC News – JTBC News

Oil prices “rise” for second month… Seoul gasoline averages 1,824 won / JTBC NewsJTBC News Oil prices rose for two months… Gasoline 4.2 won, diesel 12.3 won↑Economy of Korea Gasoline 4.2 won, diesel 12.3 won↑… Orimse in two months / YonhapnewsTV (YonhapnewsTV)Yonhap News TV The price of gasoline at gas stations rose for the eighth … Read more

New Vespa paved in Indonesia for 176 million rupees

Friday, September 1, 2023 – 5:04 pm WIB Jakarta “Motorcycle enthusiasts are no strangers to the name Vespa, which has become an automotive symbol for decades and holds a special place in the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. Now the presence of their newest product in Indonesia, namely the 2023 Vespa GTV model, … Read more

Egyptian businessman Mohamed al-Fayed dies

September 1, 2023 – 11:16 pm Egyptian businessman Mohamed Al Fayed, former owner of Harrods in London and Fulham Football Club, has died at the age of 94. Al-Fayed was born in Alexandria on January 27, 1929 in the family of a teacher. He founded a shipping company in Egypt and in 1966 became an … Read more