Mini introduced electric Cooper and Countryman (+PHOTO)

All-electric models join the well-known Cooper and Countryman combustion engine versions. British carmaker Mini has unveiled the Cooper electric hatchback and the Countryman electric crossover. Cooper is built on a completely new platform designed exclusively for electric vehicles, without the possibility of installing even internal combustion engines. The car retained the traditional Mini look of … Read more

Are the days of gas-powered cars numbered?

It is clear that according to the current plans of the European Union, in the long term, electric vehicles represent the only future of the automotive industry. After all, the European Parliament has already approved an agreement according to which, until 2035, diesel and petrolcar sales in the EU must be stopped. Electric vehicles certainly … Read more

Positive week for stocks

The holidays are usually not the best time for stocks, but the VN-Index closed up more than 40 points last week. Usually, investors tend to take profits to protect their profits from long holidays. However, the past week has taken a turn in the opposite direction, with greenery spreading across the electrical panel. VN-Index fluctuated … Read more

The Lime fund was withdrawn after 4 years… What is the essence of the “preferential buyout” dispute? (on the weekend)

In October 2019, Lime Asset Management stopped buying assets worth 1.6 trillion won. The Financial Supervisory Service conducted an audit in August of that year and announced the results the following year. However, last month, four years later, the Financial Supervisory Authority again announced the results of the Lime Fund audit, and this time it … Read more

Stock Market Ceiling Madness Alert! – Public TV

Stock Market Ceiling Madness Alert!public television Investors who opened their eyes on the exchange, not knowing how to accept public offers, made people laughondio IPO Champions Announced! One share allocatedYurt Newspaper Public Offerings Can Be Dangerous: Financiers Warn, Watching Series Ceiling Raise!Bolu program 2023 Public Offer Performance Table for Investors Passionate about Public Offersondio Show … Read more