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Cruz Azul took action on the matter regarding the topic of Julio Cesar “Cata” Dominguez and his son’s birthday party in which Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán was alluded to, which sparked multiple criticisms on social networks.

The directive spoke with the playerwho after being advised, downloaded all the images of the celebration from social networks and published a letter of apology in which he recognized the mistake made.

“To public opinion:

Through this medium, I offer a sincere apology for the images spread on my social networks in relation to a children’s party.

I recognize that these do not contribute to creating a better impression of Mexico and that Neither I nor my family promote or justify any type of violence.

We are people who promote sport in the new generations, in addition to the values ​​and principles of an exemplary institutionas is the Cruz Azul Soccer Club.


Julio Cesar Dominguez”.

It should be noted that Liga MX is still awaiting the version from the celestial institution since an investigation will be opened in the Disciplinary Commission to sanction the footballer for apology of crime.

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