Cascading resignations in the Ayuso team: the Deputy Care Manager for Primary Care also leaves office

Another resignation in the Ministry of Health of Isabel Diaz Ayuso. If a few weeks ago the manager of Primary Care Sonia Martínez signed her resignation, this Thursday Nuria Fernández Cano, deputy care manager of Primary Care, did so. team number two.

Nuria Fernández has left the post, as confirmed by the Ministry of Health itself to Public. The march of him does the greatest internal crisis that the Government of the Community of Madrid is going throughwhich this week has been the focus of the news due to its opening of out-of-hospital emergencies, where many centers have not had doctors to attend to citizens.

Alejadra Jacinto: “It is evident that Ayuso’s disastrous health management is unbearable even for his family”

Although the Ministry of Health has not wanted to make the resignation official, part of the reasons for the resignation are due to the relationship with Fernando Prados, Deputy Minister of Health Assistance and with the new manager Almudena Quintana. Fernández’s resignation comes just a few weeks after the departure of Sonia Martínez during the government’s clashes with the unions by the threat of an indefinite strike by the toilets. Now, after the criticized opening of the Continuous Care Points (PAC) —previously known as Primary Care Emergencies (SUAP) and Rural Care Services (SAR)—, the number two of the team also leaves the ship.

Javier Padilla, a deputy for Más Madrid, the leading opposition party, assures this newspaper that “Madrid’s health service is in chaos, and the wave of resignations of its senior health officials does not stop happening.” Padilla considers that this latest resignation “reflects how the out-of-hospital emergency plan does not want to assume it, not even those who have to manage it. there is no one behind the wheeland this results in the health quality that the population receives,” he asserts.

Alejandra Jacinto, deputy for Unidas Podemos and candidate for the next elections, has also confirmed the news and analyzes the situation: “Two weeks ago the Managing Director of Primary Care resigned. Today the Deputy Care Manager of Primary Care of the Service resigns. Health Madrid. It is evident that Ayuso’s disastrous health management is unbearable even for his own. The organizational chaos that it is generating with the phantom opening of the Emergency services is indecent.”

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