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What happened to Carolina Ramirez? The Colombian actress, star of “The queen of flowAs Yeimy Montoya, the popular Netflix telenovela that premiered its season 2, expressed his discomfort at the service of the well-known airline Avianca, when he was in Colombia on his way to Buenos Aires, according to his stories on his official Instagram account.

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In case of Ramirez He has joined the one that other public figures have had with said company. The businessman Mario Hernández, for example, claimed that they increased the price of a ticket and not because of him.

“Avianca did not attend to me on time. The ticket was worth 6.7 million, until today they attend to me and they tell me that the ticket changed the rate to 10.7 million. Is it their fault and do I have to pay? How’s it going?”he tweeted.

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While the driver Mary Mendez complained that the airline did not deliver what it promised in its “executive class”. “Cheeky! Avianca charging tickets in business class, with economy class seats, but with the option to recline! Until when do we Colombians have to suffer the abuses of this company? “, he pointed.

Carolina Ramírez has three pets that she considers her "sons": Flora, María Guadalupe and Cazzú.  (Photo: Carolina Ramírez / Instagram)
Carolina Ramírez has three pets that she considers her “children”: Flora, María Guadalupe and Cazzú. (Photo: Carolina Ramírez / Instagram)


Colombian actress Carolina Ramirez, star of “The queen of flow”, She used her social networks to criticize the Avianca airline service because they kept her waiting for 45 minutes on the phone without giving any solution to the problem that she did not detail.

I want you to hear well this sound (beep) is the sound of Avianca after 45 minutes of waiting for an answer. Thanks Avianca, you have really made traveling hell “said in a story by Instagram.

Although he did not give more details about his problem, then he uploaded other videos in which he tries to communicate “with a human” from Argentinian airlines, which he achieved after knocking on several doors. What I wanted to know is if I could travel with pets.


The actress Carolina Ramirez Quintero, was born on June 20, 1983, in the town of Cali, in the Cauca Valley (Colombia). She is currently known for being a great actress and having great knowledge in the world of dance, especially ballet.

His great talent for acting made it possible for him to work in one of the most watched children’s programs in his country in 2002. She also played Lila, one of the main characters in “Awakened Jackr ”. This was a reality show on Saturdays and Sundays.

In 2004 she was invited to participate in the telenovela “Seventh Gate“Which was broadcast on the” Caracol TV “channel. There she played Jenny Candela.

His greatest recognition would come between 2006 to 2008 when he was part of the telenovela “The Mariachi’s daughter “ where she was able to consolidate her acting career.

Over the years he also participated in other productions such as “La Pola”, “The Capo“,” Investigative unit “; “Until silver do us part”, “Murderous women”, among others.

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Mariano Bacaleinik He is an entrepreneur, although he has also been a theater producer. He has produced works such as’Burundanga‘, where Carolina Ramírez and’ Toc Toc ‘were participating. Another fact about the mysterious heartthrob is that the interpreter takes almost 14 years apart. “The first time I looked into her eyes, I already lost the year”the Argentine enthusiastically said about the actress.

Recently, Carolina Ramírez, recognized for her performances in “La Hija del Mariachi” and “The Pola”, He had to react on his social networks to the comments that said that BacaleinikHe was much older than her, because “he looked like your father” or “your grandfather”. It should be noted that Ramírez met her husband today in the city of Cartagena de Indias.

“Excuse the question, but, is his father, is that he looks too old to be your partner”, “Love has no age or country, congratulations for many years together”, “You don’t seem very happy”, “How beautiful with his grandfather”, “What beauties, I love you”, “May God and the universe bless you all your life”, were some of the comments made to the actress.


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