Carmen Salinas: What is your health status today, Monday, November 15?

The morning of the past Thursday, November 11 we learned about the news about complications in the actress’s health Carmen Salinas placeholder image, which dismayed the national artistic community and left the artistic scene aware of the updates of the medical report that were released yesterday by their relatives.

The 82-year-old actress was hospitalized in a hospital in the Roma neighborhood, in the Mexico City due to a stroke, and as the hours passed it was indicated that his health was very delicate.

Both the granddaughter and nephew of Carmen Salinas placeholder image They left the Hospital where the actress is hospitalized to meet with the media and released the latest details of the first actress’s health.

Later, the relatives of Salinas confirmed to the media that the ficheras movie star was in a coma after suffering a stroke.

Carmen Salinas continues without evolution; their movements are involuntary, say relatives

Carmen, the granddaughter of the famous actress Carmen Salinas, reported Sunday night that the actress’s situation is the same, without major changes or improvement, however it has not worsened either.

On the other hand, he pointed out that the movements that his grandmother has presented do not respond to an intention, but are involuntary. The former deputy is currently in a natural coma in serious condition and with low brain activity.

In addition, it was reported that one by one of Carmen’s friends, they have passed with the producer and businesswoman to see her in her room for just a few minutes.

Last minute information

Sharp nine o’clock this morning Monday, November 15, in connection with the Hoy program, Gustavo Briones nephew of Carmen Salinas placeholder image revealed that the health status of the first actress remains the same, so they assure that so far the actress who gave life to “La Corcholata” still stable, but serious.


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