Carmen Salinas: what is Carmelita’s HEALTH status TODAY, Thursday, December 9? | VIDEO

Carmen Salinas placeholder image She has turned 29 days after being hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage, which caused her to fall into a natural coma, and as time has passed, the first actress has shown a slight positive evolution that breaks the first medical forecasts that gave very little hope that she could recover, so this is the state of Health from Carmelita today Thursday, December 9.

After undergoing a tracheostomy and gastrostomy two weeks ago; This in order to help her breathe and feed more easily, the situation of the 82-year-old former deputy has been improving, since since then, her relatives have mentioned that she presents reflexes in her hands and feet when a person approaches her, speaks to her or touches her, so it was said that Dona Carmen they would be doing some studies.

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