Carmen Salinas: the day she sang with Irma Serrano in a daring outfit | VIDEO

In recent days the name of the actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image has been one of the most mentioned by the press and on social networks, this after it became known that she was hospitalized, which also led many to remember her best moments in the cinema as the day he sang with Irma Serrano in a daring outfit for the movie “Cabaret Nights”.

Carmen Salinas placeholder image Lozano, originally from Torreón, Coahuila, is one of the most beloved actresses, but she is also recognized for her work as an imitator, comedian, theatrical businesswoman and in the politics of our country, since from 2015 to 2018 she had a place in the Chamber of Deputies representing the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

Carmelita, as they affectionately call her, has had a long career in the media, as she began acting in 1964 by participating in the soap opera “La vecdad”, while her first foray into film was in 1970 with a role in the movie “The useless life of Pito Pérez”.

This is how Carmen Salinas looked in “Noches de cabaret”

With the arrival of the call ficheras cinema, which took place between the 70s and 80s, gained popularity by participating in a large number of films, among which are “Inspector Calzonzín” (1974), “Bellas de Noche” (1975), “Muñecas de midnight” (1979). ), and “El rey de las ficheras” (1989); to mention just a few.

Another of his most remembered tapes is “Cabaret Nights”, from 1978, where he shone as a singer, alongside the actress Irma Serrano “La Tigresa”, with whom he performed “La Martina”, and shared credits with other celebrities of the time such as Jorge Rivero, Sasha Montenegro, Lyn May, Rafael Inclán, Luis de Alba, Pedro Weber ‘Chatanuga’ and Alfonso Zayas.

According to the comments of the video found on the YouTube channel “Tatis Rivera”, the show with “La Tigresa” was presented Carmen at the Blanquita Theater in Mexico City, and the film’s producers liked the routine so much that they decided to take it to one of the scenes.

In the famous fichera film, the story is told of three women who have had a life full of pain and disappointment take refuge in a cabaret where they find a little love and peace, describe some pages specialized in the seventh art.

And it is on this tape where Carmelite He drew the attention of Internet users, because in addition to the fact that he has not been seen singing this type of genre on many occasions, he wore a daring outfit, because his mini dress allows us to see that he had beautiful legs and a great figure.


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