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The delicate state of health of the Mexican actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image her thousands of followers and fans have been very concerned who, over the years, have seen her in different Televisa productions such as “María la del barrio”, “My little mischief”, “Hug me very strong”, among others.

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It was known that on November 11 Carmen Salinas placeholder image suffered a stroke and was immediately hospitalized. Although the current state of the actress is of a reserved nature, it was reported that she entered a coma. Faced with this situation, it was also announced that his will had already been drawn up.

Carmen Salinas placeholder image She is one of the most recognized actresses for her great talent at the time of participating in different Mexican productions that achieved great public acceptance internationally. However, she not only wanted to stagnate in the world of acting, but also dedicated herself to being a producer and became a prosperous businesswoman.

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The world of politics was not alien to her either and in 2015 she became a deputy to the Congress of the Union.

One of the last productions where he was seen acting was in “My fortune is loving you” (2021), a telenovela produced by Nicandro Díaz for the Televisa network. In the drama Carmen Salinas placeholder image plays Margarita or “Magi”.


Long before this event occurred that has hospitalized the actress, herself Carmen Salinas placeholder image He drew up his will and made known who are the people who will be able to access his assets.

Therefore, it is necessary to remember that three months ago in the program “Hoy”, Carmen Salinas placeholder image He reported that he had already prepared his will in order to avoid problems among his relatives.

In that sense, he announced that what will be distributed will be the study that will remain in the hands of the daughters of his firstborn Pedro Plascencia Salinas, who died of cancer in 1994. Likewise, his home gave him his daughter Maria Eugenia Plascencia.


The relatives and followers of the actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image expect positive news regarding her health status after she was transferred to the Star Medica hospital, located in Mexico City, on November 11, after suffering a stroke. According to the Mexican media, she would be in a coma and they placed her on an artificial respirator.

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Born in Torreón (Coahuila), on October 5, 1933, Carmen Salinas Lozano is a Mexican actress who has also dedicated herself to politics and business despite only having finished elementary school.

Throughout her life, Salinas has done film and theater, although in recent decades she is mainly known for her work on television. He has participated in soap operas such as “María la del barrio”, “María Mercedes”, among many other productions.

Carmen Salinas married the pianist Pedro Plascencia Ramírez.
Carmen Salinas married the pianist Pedro Plascencia Ramírez.

Likewise, her time in fictional films such as “Bellas de la noche” is remembered, where she played the ‘Corcholata’, a character with whom she has always been related. As for the boards, he produced “Aventurera” for more than 15 years.

In 2015, Salinas was elected federal deputy for the PRI, with representation in Mexico City.


WHEN C marrying the musician Pedro Plascencia Ramírez at the age of 16, with whom she had two children, the actress, because she was a teenager, could not conceive and suffered five miscarriages while carrying pregnancies of more than three months. “I cried a lot”He noted in a 2011 interview on Las Estrellas.

But the most tragic was yet to come: one of her children ceased to exist as soon as he was born and her husband had to take him away when he saw her desperate. “My seven-month-old baby died, here I had him in my hands alive, in my house. I cut his umbilical cord and said ‘bring me hot water bottles’, but what I didn’t know was that I had to remove the phlegm and I saw him die. When my husband arrived and saw me carrying my dead baby, he took him from my hands, we watched him and the next day he buried him in the pantheon of Dolores “, he told Telemundo.


Finally, The actress was able to have her children, but in 1993 she was informed that the oldest had terminal lung cancer. “They gave me the news that he was very ill and after seven months he left me. I remember when my son Pedro told me that he could not bear the pain, so he wanted to stop living “.

He ceased to exist at age 37 in 1994. His passing left Salinas devastated and he gave up being a comedian. “When he died, I could no longer do the imitations that I buried together with him. I would start to do an imitation and a lump would get in my throat, my voice would no longer come out and I would start to cry. I didn’t want to do them anymore! “.

However, it was not the first time that this disease touched his family, as his father and mother died from the evil. Likewise, it affected her sister, her ex-husband the pianist Pedro Plascencia Ramírez, her best friend and assistant Juan ‘El Chato’ Cejudo.

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