Carmen Salinas moves her feet and her daughter tells how it was

Carmen Salinas placeholder image continues to be admitted to a private hospital in the Mexico City where she was hospitalized since the early hours of last Wednesday after she suffered a stroke in the brain stem that has plunged her into a coma.

However, the daughter of Carmen Salinas, María Eugenia Plascencia, does not lose hope that her mother will recover and open her eyes, despite the fact that the medical situation is adverse, this because a few hours ago the leading actress He moved his feet as a sign that he was listening to his daughter.

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And it is that according to counted Maria Eugenia Plascencia Since it is his birthday, he asked as a gift for his mother to recover, so he went to talk to the 82-year-old actress and asked him to hopefully report some improvement as a birthday present, so in response, Carmen Salinas moved her feet.

This has given hope to the daughter of the actress who gave life to “The cork”, Because the doctors indicated that the first 72 hours were the most critical and Carmen Salinas has already passed that time, so she is now considered stable, although she is still delicate.

That is why the daughter of the ficheras film actress He hopes that for the report that they give him at night, he will be given a better diagnosis that his mother is already better and report some visible improvement to be able to get out of the coma in which he is.

Above all because María Eugenia points out that the fact that Carmen Salinas has moved her feet means that she is still aware and that despite being in a thing, she listens to her and is fighting for her life to be able to return safely with her relatives who are very worried right now. for the health of the actress.

They do mass in honor of Carmen Salinas

During the weekend, the production colleagues “My fortune is to love you”They offered a mass in honor of Carmen Salinas, to ask for her health and speedy recovery, as they hope that soon she will be better and evaluate the possibility of her returning to her acting work.

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In this regard, the director of the soap opera, Nicandro Diaz He has said that the role of Carmen Salinas has recorded episodes that will air until shortly after the middle of December and that while they have that mattress they will wait to see how the actress’s health evolves before deciding what to do with her participation.

For now the entire cast is sending good vibes for the speedy recovery of Carmen Salinas placeholder imageHowever, it has been said that even if he wakes up, he may not be able to join his acting work due to the conditions in which he could wake up, in addition to his advanced age.

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