Carmen Salinas left a will with a list of her heirs

In these delicate moments for the leading actress, Carmen Salinas, there has been a lot of news and information about her situation and also about the existence of a possible will that she has left, something that does exist and that today we will be telling you about it.

The state of health of the actress 82 years It is serious and in fact it is said that it is medically impossible for him to wake up, all thanks to the stroke that is affecting a vital area for this to happen, however, some users are asking who will leave their goods in case of leaving.

It was an interview on the morning show of Televisa TODAY where the same Carmelite Salinas was expressing that he already had a will ready to avoid any negative situation among his relatives as has already happened in the world of entertainment on past occasions.

At that time, he specified that the only thing he had not determined for who it would be was his house, but that if he had in mind his granddaughters, the daughters of Pedro Placencia, her first son who lost his life in 1994 with lung complications.

At that time he expressed that it is very possible that his house was for Maria Eugenia, another of his daughters, showing the will that he already had prepared.

It is also important to remember that Carmen was sharing how she managed to buy her home thanks to her talents in show business that made her get to where she was, plus she won a large amount with a lottery ticket.

It was a lottery ticket for December 24, 1966 with the number 30 444, with which it was possible to win the lottery more than 350,000 pesos and that is how he managed to buy that house.

So far we continue to monitor what may happen with Carmen Salinas, in addition her family seems to be considering the possibility of transferring her to the United States as reported a few hours ago by some media, so in Show News we will be on the lookout to inform you of everything that happens.

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