Carmen Salinas is already starting to put off the respirator: granddaughter

Carmen Salinas is showing signs of improvement, so her family has great hope that this means that little by little her situation will improve, her granddaughter reported Monday night.

“My grandmother is stable, that is positive, her situation has not worsened and a small good news (with reservation, everything because we are still in a very delicate situation and with a lot of risk), a small improvement is that she is already starting to stop the respirator, that It is a very good sign, that means that she is already breathing on her own and enough to spend a little time without it, and even disconnected from the ventilator, without hyperventilating and without needing it, with stable vital signs during her breathing ”.

Although he said that it is one day at a time, and that he is stable, he clarified that his condition is very serious, but what they do is that they will begin to do some studies.

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“During this week they will begin with tests called auditory potentials, because we do not know if they are listening, they will tell us how the neurotransmitters that carry the connections from the ear to the brain are doing.”

Once the doctors determine if she listens, the family said they will consider putting music on her, especially from her son, Pedro Plascencia.


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