Carmen Salinas Is Admitted to Emergency, Relatives Confirm Severity

The famous 82-year-old Fichera film actress, Carmen Salinas, was admitted to an emergency hospital in Mexico City and her relatives confirm that she is in serious condition

The famous fisheries film actress, Carmen Salinas Lozano, or as she is known in the entertainment world, Carmelita Salinas, was hospitalized during the early hours of this Thursday, November 11. 

Through Noticieros Televisa, it was announced that the famous 82-year-old actress had entered a hospital in the Roma Sur neighborhood of Mexico City due to a stroke, so she had to be taken to the area of intensive therapy. 

However, during the morning program Hoy de Televisa, relatives asked the media for discretion and have not confirmed whether the spill was the reason why Carmelita entered the hospital. 

On the other hand, the actress’s nephew, Gustavo Briones, told the program that Carmelita Salinas is ‘serious’ but that the discomfort had already started since last Friday, however, for a week he continued working and complying with his duties, he even attended the presentation of the new novel in which he participates. 

Just as Vicente Fernández’s family has kept the press informed about the singer’s state of health, Carmelita’s family did the same, because out of the respect and affection that the interpreter has always shown to the press, they will try to report on his state of health as well as his evolution. 

Although there is still no official statement, it was on the Instagram of El gordo y la flaca, that they released this information about the delicate state of health of the 82-year-old actress, by Gustavo Briones. 

This news has taken all Mexicans by surprise during the morning of this November 11, because she is one of the most beloved women in the artistic environment because, in addition to the charisma that characterizes her, her opinions have turned everything around show business. 

A time that everyone remembers is undoubtedly her time in Mexican cinema, where fictional movies made her even more popular.They appeared in productions such as Bellas de noche , La Pulquería , Cabaret Nights , Tívoli , Mexican Albures and Las Fuerzas Vivas. .

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