Carmen Salinas is a warrior, her health is improving

After two weeks in intensive care, the actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image She has presented some minor improvements in her health, which has given hope to her relatives that she will soon recover and will be able to interact again in a joyful and overwhelming way as she knows how to do.

In an interview with the media, Gustavo Briones, Carmen Salinas’ nephew said that the last CT scan that was done on her aunt shows that the brain has started to deflate and this has given them hope that he will soon wake up from the coma he is in.

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Hence, it was explained that although it is not much, that is progress for them and they hope that in a maximum of a month and a half the body of the ficheras film actress can absorb the hemorrhage that it presents and that allows that in a short time can leave hospitalization.

It was also explained that Carmen Salinas has involuntary movements in the extremities, which are signs of a good sign for his family, because according to his nephew, it means that everything works perfectly, at least in terms of mobility.

It should be noted that the relatives of the actress of the telenovela “Hug me very tight”Point out that these small improvements in Carmen Salinas’ health mean a lot to them, who do not lose hope that the 82-year-old woman wake up.

That is why they asked the fandom to continue praying for the health and speedy recovery of “The Corcholata“Iconic character with whom many remember Carmen Salinas and is that the actress has managed to win the affection of locals and strangers, so within the acting world everyone respects and appreciates her.

In addition, his nephew also realized that the tracheostomy and gastrostomy performed on Carmen Salinas a few days ago went well and your body is responding perfectly to surgeryTherefore, for now, he is stable, although he is still in intensive care.

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What happened to Carmen Salinas?

On November 11, it was reported that during the night of Wednesday, November 10, Carmen Salinas suffered a cerebral haemorrhage while bathing, which caused her to vanish in the bathroom and from there she was taken to a private hospital, to the emergency room, to be treated.

It should be noted that hospitalization expenses are being covered by the National Association of Actors (ANDA) from where Carmen Salinas is retired, so until now she has received all the support of her fellow actors, so it seems that the Mexican businesswoman and politician could not be better served.

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