Carmelita Salinas: This was the last MESSAGE that she dedicated to her fans to say goodbye

Show business has shocked the night of December 9 because it was announced that the actress Carmelita Salinas died after being since last November 11 in the hospital.

Almost a month after being hospitalized, the life of the famous actress came to an end, this due to problems derivatives to the stroke that had her in a state of eat for almost a month, which in turn had her in therapy intensive, with assisted breathing and feeding through a probe.

It is known that the famous Carmen Salinas suffered the breaking off from a blood vessel in the brain, most often in an artery, causing bleeding within and around the brain, which is part of the system highly strung central in the skull.

Carmelita Salinas and her last message to her fans

It is worth noting that now Carmelita Salinas fans have been surprised because hours before the famous woman entered the hospital, she sent one last message through her networks social, this through a video with dedication to his fans, which caused sensation among his thousands of fans because in said clip he pays tribute to singer Celia Cruz.

In addition, he stressed that in the video the famous one who had 82 years showed various images of her from youth to the present, this using a filter that makes the transition of your life through various images.

It was so joining to technology, Carmelita Salinas decided to share this memory, where she puts in the background a musical theme that she sang herself, because although some do not they knowIn addition to being an actress, the famous woman had an outstanding time in the world of music.


Carmelita Salinas dies at 82 years of age

Carmelita Salinas: What did the famous Mexican actress die of

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