Carlos Antonio Vélez talks about James Rodríguez starting in the Colombian National Team, Qualifying | Colombia selection

The need for the Colombian National Team in this Tuesday’s duel against Paraguay has made no one save, that everyone bets, that coach Reinaldo Rueda is required to put all his coins in a duel that can mark the classification to Qatar 2022.

The problems in the elaboration of the game, which are summarized in the overwhelming data of four games without scoring a single goal, require urgent and creative solutions. And that works the coaching staff.

But no matter how hard they try, they all necessarily end up in the newest on the payroll, the first to reach the concentration and stay despite the mourning he keeps for his deceased grandmother: the spotlights point to James Rodríguez.

Harsh critics of the left-hander like Calos Antonio Vélez have now come not only to trust his talent but even to ask for him as a first baseman, this Tuesday (6:00 pm) at the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla.

“With 10 points out of 15 we go straight to the World Cup. We have to join forces and make it easy. He who is well plays and that’s it. If James is well, he has to be placed FROM THE BEGINNING. If not, it is better to give him another place. a player with one finger is better than everyone equals the tale of the capon rooster, “he wrote on his social networks.

“Put it FROM THE BEGINNING” says the analyst, for whom the effort should be felt on the field, during the competition, and not only in practices or in soccer gatherings.

Hopefully James solves that and other demands that weigh on his men, as befits everyone who owns talent on a team. Otherwise the attacks are anticipated lethal.

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