Carlos Acevedo for Chivas, the player that Santos would ask to release the 1

The player Santos would ask Chivas for Acevedo
The player Santos would ask Chivas for Acevedo

It was demonstrated in the arc of the Guadalajara You need a goalkeeper with hierarchy, with experience and who can add. That goalkeeper is Carlos Acevedo, a player who has everything to join the Chivas team.

It is that Acevedo, according to ESPN, would be the one who can take the baton in the goal of Guadalajara, something that has not been filled since Rodolfo Cota left the team of the Chivas and then he did not take an experienced goalkeeper.

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But Santos would consider the issue of giving Acevedo, but all in exchange for one of the jewels that Chivas has and that without a doubt, perhaps it would be a mistake to give it, since with enough work, he could be one of the best in Mexico.

What player could Santos ask Chivas for Acevedo?

If Santos wants to release Carlos Acevedo, the Torreón club, which works very well in its business model of buying young players, would be interested in giving Sebastián Pérez Bouquet, who is the jewel of Guadalajara, a chance.

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