Cardi B wants to share biscuits with Princess Margaret

Cardi B. She is one more fan of ‘The Crown’, a series that illustrates the life of the British royal family.

The North American rapper, who has always shown pride in her Dominican roots, published a tweet to his more than 26 million fans where he mentioned that he “saw himself smoking cigarettes and eating biscuits” with one of the stars of the show.

“I like Princess Margaret… I see myself smoking cigarettes and eating cookies with her,” Cardi B posted on her Twitter account, earning more than 3,000 Rts, and 50,000 likes in your post.

Criticism of public opinion towards ‘The Crown’

Apparently, the criticism of the fifth season of ‘The Crown’ has been quite a lot. However, the series illustrates the most controversial period of the royal family.

In the last part of Show, the producers cover certain events experienced in 1990. Specifically when the controversy between Charles Y Lady Dianaamong other experiences.

For several fans of the series, the producers of ‘The Crown’ dropped a bomb when several faithful and members of royalty have not overcome the death of the queen elizabeth ii.

However, the production ‘The Crown’ stopped recording at the time of the death of the monarch of the United Kingdom.

Cardi B on the red carpet of the 'American Music Awards' 2021
Cardi B on the red carpet at the ‘American Music Awards’ 2021.Getty Images

Cardi B is a fan of Princess Margaret

Cardi B responded to one of her fans when asked her “opinion about Stretcher and Charles”, to which the American artist commented, “Do you want to talk about ‘The Crown’?” and began her praise of her favorite character, Princess Margaret.

Princess Margaret is played by lesley manville in the fifth season. Nevertheless, Vanessa Kirby Y Helena Bonham Carter they brought Margaret to life in previous seasons.

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