Cara Delevingne returns after the murky photos

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      If you are a fan of Cara Delevingne, you will be aware of the latest news that has been published about it. According to these, the model has not gone through the best moment of her life in recent months, and the alarming image that we saw last month of her unkempt appearance led us to think that, sadly, she was not well at all.

      In addition, shortly after, it was learned that her friends considered that she needed to enter rehab immediately, coinciding with the images of Margot Robbie leaving her house crying. Come on, a whole panorama that not much more is known about, but that we hoped with all our might that it would change as soon as possible.

      The last we heard is that Margot and Cara they took a trip to Argentina (which actually made the news because they were involved in an incident), but we still hadn’t seen Cara and we didn’t know if she had recovered from the “pothole”. Until now.

      Although we still don’t know for sure what has been going on, her fans have been very happy to see her so radiant in her first public appearance after all these weeks. She has been in Cannes, in an event in which she posed for the ‘photocall’, and she looked smiling and beautiful.

      cara delevingne

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      cara delevingne

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      cara delevingne

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      The truth is that it is not the first time that Cara goes through a hard period. In 2017 she spoke about the depression she had been through: “I hated myself for being depressed. I hated feeling depressed. I hated feeling. I was very good at dissociating myself and my emotions completely. And all the time I was rethinking my words: I said something and then I hated myself for saying it. He didn’t understand what was happening, except for the fact that he didn’t want to go on living. I know it sounds stupid, but I thought that the love of others was what was going to make me happy when in reality what I had to do was love myself,” she told The Edit.

      We hope he remembers that last sentence and we celebrate that he is moving again and trying to put this shady episode behind him.

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