Cara Delevingne donates an orgasm to science: what does that mean?

The model and actress Cara Delevingne has recently declared that he has donated one of his orgasms To science. This can be interpreted in millions of ways, depending on how horny the mind of the person imagining it is. However, it is quite technical. It’s just going to donate a blood sample before and after having an orgasmso that scientists can analyze the levels of certain substances, especially endocannabinoids.

But that’s actually not the only orgasm-related issue Delevingne has been talking about lately. In fact, this donation is part of the recording of his documentary Planet Sex With Cara Delevingne. It deals with issues such as the biochemistry of the climax or the orgasmic gender gap.

The latter relates to the proportion in which the cis men and womenhetero They acknowledge reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse. The scale is clearly more unbalanced, with a greater number of orgasms for men. The imbalance is partly reduced if we talk about gay men and women; but still, it still exists. It is something that the model wants to influence, although some clarifications must also be made in this regard.

The chemical cocktail of orgasm

After orgasm, a chemical cocktail responsible for the sensation of pleasure consequent, but also other effects, such as the drowsiness.

Possibly the best known of these substances is oxytocin. It is known as the love hormone, because it is related to attachment, both loving and between mothers and children. In fact, large amounts of it are also generated during childbirth, as it helps contractions to occur. But, returning to orgasm, both in men and women, it is released in large quantities, intervening in the consequent sensation of pleasure.

During the sexual act, other substances are also released, such as prolactin and vasopressinrelated to the drowsiness that grips some people after sex, or dopamine. This is a neurotransmitter that is also related to pleasure.

On the other hand, some studies point to a very important role for endocannabinoids. These may be responsible in part for the reduction in stress and anxiety that occurs during sex. And that is precisely what the scientists to whom Cara Delevingne He has donated his blood samples.


The nonsense of the orgasmic gap

Often when talking about orgasmic gap, refers to the difficulty in reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse. Surveys are often cited as one of YouGov in which it was concluded that the 63% of men always reach orgasm during sex, while in the case of women this figure is only 30%. This survey talks about sexual relations. But what are these relationships?

We live in one coitocentric society in which it is often considered that sexual relations occur only if there is intercourse and end successfully only with orgasm. However, sexual relations can be carried out in many ways, not necessarily through intercourse. As for the orgasm, in this type of surveys there is often talk of clitoral and vaginal orgasms and, precisely for this reason, it is said that women reach orgasm in a lower proportion. Because the clitoris is not stimulated well.

At this point it is important to note that there are no vaginal or clitoral orgasms. There is only one orgasm, which can be achieved in many ways. Generally, the more sensitive the stimulated area, the easier it will be to reach it. Since the clitoris has a high concentration of nerve fibers, it is easier to reach it due to its stimulation. But that does not mean that it cannot be done in other ways. There are even those who reach it without the genitals being stimulated.

orgasm is not essential

Therefore, although it is interesting to publicize these imbalances that lead to the orgasmic gap, it is equally necessary to show the variety that sexual relations comprise. And also remember that a intercourse It can be very satisfying even if you don’t finally reach orgasm. Showing this off can eliminate a lot of frustrations, further increasing the pleasure. At the moment, contrary to what many surveys do, Cara Delevingne has made specific reference to intercourse when mentioning the percentages in reaching orgasm.

It’s not a bad start to remember that a party can be wonderful, from start to finish, even if it doesn’t end with fireworks.

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