Captain SON, vice-captain Bok-Deng, “Compliments” … “The type that Tottenham need, I’m happy to play together”

Reporter Park Jae-ho of Star News | 2023.09.02 12:56

“Captain” Son Heung-min (31) has placed deep trust in Vice-Captain James Madison (26). The British newspaper Spurs Web, which mainly covers Tottenham news, reported on the 2nd (KST): “Tottenham captain Son Heung-min admitted that he enjoys playing with Madison.”

Madison, who moved from Leicester City to Tottenham this summer, is making big progress every day. Since the opening of the English Premier League (EPL), he has played in 3 games in a row, scoring 1 goal and 2 assists. In the first game against Brentford, he made two assists to draw 2-2, and shortly before that scored his debut Tottenham goal against Bournemouth. Spurs’ Webb commented: “Tottenham fans were thrilled when he signed with Madison this summer. And Madison’s early results have already exceeded fan expectations.”

Spursweb said: “He has already become one of the leaders of Tottenham. Coach Enze Postekoglou chose him as vice-captain and established himself as his most important player.” Tottenham announced a new captain ahead of the league’s opening on the 13th. This is because captain Hugo Lloris has been deemed removed from power and vice-captain Harry Kane has also moved to Bayern Munich. Coach Postecoglu chose Son Heung-min as the new captain without hesitation. The vice-captains that attracted attention were “transfer student” Madison and main center back Christian Romero.

When Son Heung Min was asked, “What influence does Madison have on the team?” “Over the last few years, we’ve needed a player who can create chances with quality passing. That’s Madison. That’s very important. It’s a pleasure to play with him. He’ll score more goals in the future.” help me,” he said.

Madison scored his last goal for Tottenham against Bournemouth. Papesar passed forward to Madison who charged into the space behind the defense and Madison split the net with a non-stop right foot that only slightly changed direction. Son Heung Min was more excited than anyone when Madison scored his debut goal and hosted the darts ceremony together. Son Heung Min said: “I am delighted that Madison scored his debut goal for Tottenham. He deserves more love than now.”
“Madison always plays for the team, not for the individual. Even for his fantastic debut goal, he paid tribute to Sar. We are all happy with this special goal.

Spursweb said: “The season is just getting started, but Tottenham seem to be a much happier team than previous manager Antonio Conte.” Looking back, I enjoyed just playing with the ball and not becoming a professional player,” he said. “Fun is important because it gives you confidence and self-confidence.

Tottenham will travel to Burnley in Matchday 4 of the 2023-24 Premier League season at Turf Moor in Burnley, England at 23:00 this afternoon. Son Heung Min said, “We have three more games to play. We need to focus more and move on.” Son Heung Min has recently made the most key assists in the league in two consecutive years and is focusing on creating chances rather than aiming for goals. Expectations are high for the first attacking point of the season against Burnley.

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