Canelo-Plant post-fight audio revealed: ‘You’re already my family, Caleb’

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To put on the Chinese skin! One week after Saúl Álvarez’s victory over Caleb Plant that made him the first undisputed World Champion in the history of Mexican boxing, Post-fight talk audio was revealed, in which Canelo offered his condolences to the Americans for his losses and told him that “It is already his family”.

What was a word war for weeks With insults that were taken as personal by the fighter from Guadalajara, he ended up in a hug and an incredible talk that was recorded on video, but after the fight practically nobody knew what did Canelo and Plant say to each other except for the little that the Mexican told, but now everything came to light.

What did Canelo and Caleb Plant say to each other after the fight?

You really have to listen to believe it. A gesture of sportsmanship unthinkable by how the rivalry had heated up, but these two fighters showed that the rivalry stayed in the ring and Canelo was the first to recognize PlantIn addition to mourning the deaths of the daughter and mother of the Tennessee native.

In this same unpublished video it is confirmed that Caleb apologized to Saúl Álvarez for using the word “Motherfucker” (Son of a bitch) in his confrontations in conference, clarifying that he never wanted to offend the mother of the native of Guadalajara, an apology accepted by the redhead.

Dialogue of Canelo Álvarez and Plant | VIDEO

  • Saul Alvarez: “You are a good fighter.”
  • Caleb Plant: “I’m sad”.
  • SA: “You should not be ashamed of anything, you are a great fighter … And I am very sorry for everything, but at the end of the day we are men, we are people, I am very sorry.”
  • CP: “When I said ‘Son of a bitch’ I never talked about your mother because I don’t have one, my mother died.”
  • SA: “You have a very good and beautiful family, you already belong to my family.”

When will Canelo fight again?

What World Super Middleweight Champion for all major boxing bodies, the agenda of Canelo Alvarez focuses on the 2022, particularly in the month of May, although you will have to decide if you should stay at current weight or move up to light heavyweight again, a division in which he was already WBO champion when he defeated Sergey Kovalev, although he had to renounce the belt due to regulations of the organism.

Possible rivals of Canelo

  • David benavidez. He was the WBC champion at 168 pounds until August 2022, although he lost it for not making the weight. He is undefeated in 24 fights at the age of 24.
  • Jermall charlo. WBC middleweight champion of the middleweight, although he would have to go up to the super middleweight for the showdown to take place, as Canelo doesn’t want to go down to that division again. He is 31 years old and has a 32-0 record.
  • Dmitry Bivol. WBA light heavyweight champion. He is 31 years old and has an 18-0 record. Given the complications that occurred in the negotiation with Caleb Plant, he was one of the first names to jump.
  • Artur Bertebiev. Monarch of the IBF and the WBC of the light heavyweights. He is 36 years old and 16-0.

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