Candy, the crime series with Jessica Biel: why and where to see it

Candace “Candy” Montgomery She was a 30-year-old woman living in a small and relatively quiet Texas town called Wylie when her neighbor and close friend, high school teacher Betty Gore, was axed to death, receiving 41 wounds from the weapon. Once the victim was found, the woman was singled out as her main suspect, since prior to the incident she had an affair with the husband of her friend, Allan.

Despite the foregoing, during her trial the woman confirmed that she had carried out the murder but stated that it was in self-defense, noting that Betty He would have attacked her with the ax after confronting her about the affair she had with her husband. To add truth to her statements, she underwent a polygraph test, and finally the jury found her not guilty of the charges, unleashing a negative reaction from the community, who pointed to her as a murderer, a mark that remained with her. .

The above is reason enough to see Candythe series inspired by these events, which stars Jessica Biel as the woman at the center of the case. Through five episodes, we see the story of her relationship with Betty (Melanie Lynskey, in another of her recent great performances) and Allan (Pablo Schreiber), and the events that led to the event that ended in his trial and a verdict in his favor.


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Why watch it?

The series has received good reviews for the performances of the main actresses, as well as how it faithfully establishes the time in which the events took place. In the same way, the dark tone with which we approach our approach to Candy It is ideal to go even deeper without feeling so much sympathy for the main character. On the other hand, the series does not take too long to move forward and immediately shows us the facts, explaining the background slowly, as if it was discovered for the first time.

Although it may not be as brutal as it seeks to be at times, it serves as an ideal preamble to delve into the story before seeing the other project based on the story. love and death, starring elizabeth olsen which will be a series of HBO Max recounting another version of events.

Where to see it?

Candy It is available on Star+.

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