‘Candy’, Jessica Biel’s miniseries about a true crime that premieres Disney +

Fictions based on true crimes are always successful on streaming platforms. You just have to remember series like The Staircase, Manhunt, Under the Banner of Heaven, DAHMER either seducing a murderer, among many. Disney+ premieres on Wednesday, October 12 five episodes of this original true crime drama miniseries starring actors Jessica Biel and Timothy Simons.

This fall Disney+ is surprising us with the premiere of such interesting series What The Bear, The Old Man, Limboseason 2 of The Mysterious Benedict Society and of The Mister, Star Wars: The Jedi Chronicles either Candyamong many.

The miniseries tells the true story of the murderer Candy Montgomery and her victim and friend Betty Gore that took place in the town of Texas in 1980. A woman who led an ordinary life but one day commits a brutal murder.


a vicious assassin

The protagonist of this series is Candy Montgomery, a mother and housewife from the 80s who has an exemplary family composed of her husband and two children and a good house. His life is apparently perfect because everything is planned to the millimeter.

The problem is that it begins to feel that daily life and conformism begin to suffocate her and she needs to escape from her perfect home. This decision will have deadly consequences for the entire family. Candy begins to have a secret affair with her friend’s husband and decides to tell him about it. Forty-one blows received on June 13, 1980 the wife of her lover Betty Gore.

Candy is implicated in a brutal murder case that shocked all public opinion. In the real story, Justice came to justify her behavior and she ended up being declared innocent for having acted in self-defense against the wife of her lover.

A good production Michael Upendahl (Fargo, American Crime Story: The Lewinsky Affair) directed the pilot. Nick Antosca (The Act, New cherry flavor) serves as an executive producer with his company Eat the Cat along with Alex Hedlund. Jessica Biel and Michelle Purple (The Sinner, Cruel Summer) are the executive producers of Iron Ocean.


The distribution of Candy

The Serie Candy is starring the actors Jessica Biel, Timothy Simons, Melanie Lynskey (Yellowjackets, Mrs. America, Castle Rock), Pablo Schreiber and Raul Esparza.

Also in the cast is actress Robin Veith (Mad Men, The Act), who has written the script and is the executive producer of the series. A good series for those whoenjoy crime stories based on real events.

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