‘Candlelit brunette’, this is the chestnut you are going to wear in 2023

candlelit brunette, the chestnut of 2023

‘Candlelit brunette’, the chestnut of 2023Axelle/Bauer-Griffin – Getty Images

The Brown It is the color of winter. It seems that every year we return to it when the cold arrives. And all you have to do is look at our bikini snapshots wearing babylights, woodlights and various balayages that change to total darkness with the change of season. But this year the darkness has not been so drastic. And it is that, the chestnut that is carried is called ‘candlelit brunette’that is, as lit by a candle.

The ‘candlelit brunette’ It’s one of the chestnut most flattering so far and has already conquered some like Hailey Bieber, María Pombo, Kaia Gerber or Cara Delevnigne. And it is that, as we say, it is a Brown that does not turn off, but does the opposite. The key is to find him light to the face as a blonde would or as different techniques based on reflections and highlights do. For this reason, this is achieved by mixing different shades of Brown Y blond and also different intensities.

In other words, contrary to what happens with chocolate or mocha, in the case of candlelit brunette’the dye is not uniform, but first it will be necessary to apply the chestnut and then shape it based on reflexes. Of course, it always has to seem that a dim and soft light illuminates your face and part of your neck.

candlelit brunette, the chestnut of 2023

Hailey Bieber has been one of the first to wear the ‘candlelit brunette’Angela Weiss – Getty Images

Surely if you go to your beauty salon or hairdresser they know perfectly well what you are talking about but just in case the trend has not yet reached their ears because it is still beginning to leave the corridors of Instagram, you simply have to know that it is a hair color achieved with babylights. But not golden babylights as was the trend at the time, but for ones that are only a couple of shades lighter than the tone of Brown that you look, be it yours or dyed. Therefore, these wicks can be bronze, caramel or copper. All can be.

This luminosity that gives the ‘candlelit brunette’ It is not only very flattering for illuminating the face, the look, etc. but because it also adds volume to the hair due to the super discreet difference in shades. And this also makes the hair have a lot more movement. For this reason, although there is no reason to wear it with very marked curls, where you can really see the difference in shades, it is worn with waves to enhance the effect that the hair already creates. ‘candlelit brunette’.

Now that you know everything about the new chestnut of the season, are you going to dare with it?

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