cancel your plans and take a place on the sofa, because the first episode of the HBO series is going to be long

With the arrival of The Last of Us series getting closer, HBO it is warming up engines so that our expectations begin to skyrocket. Not in vain the very Troy Baker has revealed in which chapter we will hallucinate with the trip of Joel and Ellie.

However, this time we must focus on the first episode of production. And it is that has been revealed the duration of the chapter and, as in other series, it is ostensibly longer than the rest of the episodes of the season. In total we are talking about 85 minutes glued to the screen, so we will have to find a good place on the sofa.

Every Infected you killed in The Last of Us was still a fully conscious human, or so science says.

Or in other words, one hour and 25 minutes for a premiere that is expected like rain in May for January 15, 2023. We well know that the ten chapters of the production will cover the events of the first Naughty Dog gameAlthough it has been clarified that we will see new details of the story that did not appear in the video game.

Craig Mazin, producer with Neil Druckmann, recently stated that The Last of Us it is about the “greatest story ever told in video games.” An assertion that sets the bar very high to adapt the plot and some characters that we can already see with their fully characterized actors. In turn, the dubbing actors in Spain have already dubbed the official trailer.

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