Can you travel to Cuba with a passport and an expired extension?


Cuban passport.


After the scourge of the pandemic and the closure of borders that it entailed, many Cubans living abroad have found it difficult to travel to Cuba in the last two years.

The Cuban passport is valid for six years and its holders must extend it every two years if they wish to leave or travel to Cuba.

From abroad, you can extend the Cuban passport for a value of about $ 200 and obtain a new one for a value of around $ 400.

As of January 14, 2013, when Decree-Law No. 302 became effective in Cuba, Cuban citizens who leave the country and return within two years do not lose their resident status, as it used to happen before.

For this reason, all these people who still maintain their residence in Cuba prefer to extend their passport or obtain a new one on the island, since the price is much lower since the payment is made in Cuban pesos.

The extension has a value of 500 Cuban pesos ($ 20) and the issuance of a new passport costs 2,500 pesos ($ 100).

Ernesto Soberón, director general of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad (DACCRE) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offered an update on the subject on his Twitter profile.

The president pointed out that the country is getting ready to face the increase in flights starting next November 15 and that the measures adopted since March 2020 for Cuban citizens who were abroad during the pandemic continue until further notice.

Screenshot to the MINREX website

He also reiterated that “the automatic extension and no cost of uninterrupted stay abroad, beyond the established 24 months,” remains in force, without affecting the condition of residents in Cuba.

Soberón Guzmán stated that those “Cuban citizens residing in the national territory who have been unable to return to Cuba, due to the pandemic, can exceptionally return with their passport expired and without extension,” but on time. to leave the country they must have their passport and extension in order.

The manager clarified that “in the case of our compatriots who reside abroad (those who left the country before Decree-Law No. 302 came into force), whose life is usually carried out in third countries, to travel to Cuba they need to do it with their valid passport ”.

Finally, Soberón Guzmán indicated that “it will continue to facilitate remote consular procedures at Cuban consulates and consular offices.”

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