Can Yaman caught copying

It seems that the idea of ​​Can Yaman is not original since it would have been based on these other actors when launching its perfume.

The last 10 years have witnessed a large number of actors who, in addition to their film and television careers, have decided to venture into the business world and create their own product brands. These actors are not only the best on stage, but also prove to be enterprising and strategic when creating and selling their products. we are going to tell you whom Can Yaman copies with the idea of ​​launching his perfume ‘Manía’.

Gwineth Paltrow

One of the actresses best known for her businesses is Gwyneth Paltrow, who in 2008 launched Goop, a lifestyle and health company that offers a wide range of products, from clothing and accessories to supplements and beauty products. Goop has been very successful and has generated billions of dollars in sales. Paltrow has also written several cookery and lifestyle books and has launched a line of wines and beers.

ryan reynolds

Another actor that Can Yaman would be basing himself on and who has been successful in the business world is Ryan Reynolds, who has launched his own brand of gin called Aviation Gin. Reynolds also owns a television and film production company and has invested in several technology and financial services companies.

Jessica Alba

Who does Can Yaman copy? Well, it could be Jessica Alba, who is another actress who has created her own brand of beauty and personal care products called The Honest Company. The company offers a wide range of natural and organic products, from diapers and wipes to cleaning and personal care products. The Honest Company has generated billions of dollars in sales and has been a huge success in the marketplace.

kevin hart

Another who Can Yaman copies could be the actor and comedian Kevin Hart who has also created his own brand of fitness and lifestyle products called HartBeat Productions. The company offers a wide range of products, from training apparel and accessories to books and online training programs. Hart has also launched his own line of beers and has invested in various technology and financial services companies.

Who does Can Yaman copy?

In summary, many famous actors have been encouraged to do business and create their own product brands taking advantage of their popularity. Can Yaman has seen it and has calculated his chances of success by launching a product, so it may not be the first one we see him promote. Who does Can Yaman copy with his perfume ‘Manía’? Well, surely to them, although almost better than ‘copy’, we should say that ‘it is inspired’, which sounds better.

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