Camilo Blanes, son of Camilo Sesto, was hospitalized in an emergency

(Photo: Instagram)
(Photo: Instagram)

The son of the interpreter Camilo Sesto, Camilo Blanes, would have been admitted to an emergency hospital in Madrid, Spain, because of serious damage to your health. As reported by the magazine Week, the young man would have entered the clinic on November 24.

According to the publication, at the moment Camilo is stable, although his condition is “of some concern.” The young man would have entered, according to the family reported to the publication, due to respiratory problems derived from an accident.

“Camilo was taking a bike ride when he had an accident. He fell to the ground, remained for several minutes lying on the ground and getting wet in the rain that fell those days and all this has led to some respiratory problems that currently keep him in the hospital”, Expressed a relative to the magazine.

Currently, the young man continues to be hospitalized and all the pertinent tests are being carried out.

09/10/2019 Camilo Blanes, in a file image EUROPE SPAIN SOCIETY
09/10/2019 Camilo Blanes, in an archive image EUROPE SPAIN SOCIETY

On the other hand, since the death of the Spanish singer in 2019, Camilo Blanes, he has remained far from his father’s heritage. Despite the fact that the superstar’s will stipulated that the 35-year-old was the universal heir to his assets.

According to the magazine TV and novels, the musician’s administrator and executor, Cristóbal Hueto, and Camilo’s representative, Eduardo Guervós, decided that the singer’s son stay away from inheritance because “they want you more prepared and with values ​​before handing it over to you.”

Until now, the only property of his father that Blanes Ornelas owns, is a property located in Torrelodones, Madrid. Same that, according to what he himself argues, it was given to him by his father months before his death.

In addition, according to the Mexican publication, the singer’s son, who currently occupies the house in Torrelodones, You would have to prove that you are clean of illegal substances and alcohol to fulfill the responsibilities and be the creditor of the entire fortune.

09/10/2019 Camilo Blanes and his mother, Lourdes Ornelas EUROPE SPAIN SOCIETY
09/10/2019 Camilo Blanes and his mother, Lourdes Ornelas EUROPE SPAIN SOCIETY

The dispute over the management of the singer’s inheritance It started once the artist’s team made some decisions without consulting Camilo’s son. Among them, some alleged payments through the company Camilo Ediciones Musicales SL without their consent. In addition to the alleged digitization of the interpreter’s tapes for the Museum of the Artist in Alcoy, Alicante.

Throughout these years, the singer’s heritage has gone through extremely unfortunate episodes, such as the disappearance of certain documents, jewelry, a computer with private data from the interpreter’s life from Excuse me and To live like this is to die of love, according to information in the same publication.

Sesto’s fortune It amounts to a cash close to MXN 500 million, in addition to the royalties of dozens of songs and digital broadcasting permits. In the real estate area, Camilo’s assets include a house in Torrelodones, Madrid, a house in Las Rozas and another in Marbella; in addition to a plot of 2,200 square meters.

In 2019, after the death of Camilo Sesto, his son drew the attention of the media for the rapid deterioration in health he suffered due to his problems with alcohol consumption. Even during the following months, Blanes appeared on the streets of Madrid, disoriented, without a cell phone, and without documentation.

(Photo: Instagram)
(Photo: Instagram)

At that time, Lourdes Ornelas evidenced the complications her son was going through. And, although the now singer had been fighting addiction for years, once he left Mexico to settle in Madrid, Spain, his fight got worse. So much so that in August 2020, Camilo starred in a video where he was seen drunk and caused the concern of his followers.


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