Camille Vasquez revealed Amber Heard’s decision that changed the course of the trial against Johnny Depp

On June 1, jurors returned their verdict in the trial between Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard, where he must pay two million dollars and she with ten, money she does not have. In fact, immediately, the actress’s lawyers warned that they would appeal the ruling, a decision that changed the course of the protagonists, as explained Camille Vasquezthe 59-year-old artist’s lawyer.

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Amber Heard during her turn to testify

Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp: how is the trial

After the jurors gave their verdict on June 1, the appeals began. On Heard’s part, there was a filing to dismiss the litigation, albeit without success. Judge Azcarate denied the request a week ago, and now Amber’s lawyers have appealed against the verdict itself.

They explained that the actress cannot pay the 10 million dollars that you should pay your ex-partner. She even declared bankruptcy.

From this situation, Depp’s legal team also interceded: they filed an appeal against the decision to pay the artist $2 million. Although this may not have happened.

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Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp: how the judgment could change

Depp’s lawyers’ appeal against the decision to pay Heard $2 million may not have happened. She only showed up because the actress filed her request before.

Camille Vasquez visited This Morning and Gayle King asked him a concise question: “Is it correct to say that if she hadn’t appealed, you wouldn’t have either, would you have gone ahead?”

To which Johnny’s lawyer replied without hesitation. “Yes, that is a very accurate statement. It was expected. I mean, she has indicated from the day she lost her case that she was going to appeal… It’s a very standard legal procedure. We hope that the court upholds the verdict, which we believe was correct, and allows both parties to move forward,” she assured.

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