By selling methamphetamine a year, a school security guard in South Jakarta makes a profit of IDR 200,000 per pack.


Police found a security guard at a school in Chilandak, South Jakarta, RR (29 years old) who was selling methamphetamine-type drugs. Chilandak Police Chief Compol Wahid Kee said that R.R. sold methamphetamine for one year.

“He (dealing in methamphetamine) Already per year,” Wahid told reporters on Monday (24.07.2023).

Wahid said that RR made a profit of IDR 100,000-200,000 for each package of methamphetamine sold. He said that the methamphetamine was sold to other guards.

“Yes, he said just for the sake of it don’t addRs 100,000-200,000 profits,” Wahid said.

“We are from here, he is there. Because he has a job. Because he works as a security guard. So he is in the area (selling),” he added.

As you know, the Chilandak police arrested R.R. during his work. R.R. was detained on Monday (17.07) around 14.00 WIB. During the arrest of R.R. tried to hide.

“When he was arrested, the suspect R.R., who was on duty at the school, tried to hide. However, after a chase, he was finally caught,” Key told reporters on Saturday (7/22).

Key said that after the arrest, the police seized several packages of methamphetamine ready for distribution. Police also arrested another security guard at the same school who was suspected the previous day of being the buyer.

“(Other guards) were still leaving evidence when they were arrested,” he said.


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