Buyers download Allo Bank for electric bikes at Transmart Full Day sale


Transmart All Day Sale come again today to welcome customers with discounts up to 50+20%. At this point, various products are sold at low prices, including the electric bicycle.

Ami is a Transmart Cempaka Putih customer who managed to bring home an electric bike at a low price. To get an additional 20% discount, he finally decided to create an account with Allo Bank on the website. According to him, the manufacturing process was quite simple.

“He was helped downloads hence Allo Bank. So, earlier indownloads“Make transactions here and immediately get a 20% discount,” Ami said at a meeting on the spot on Tuesday (08/29/2023).

Thanks to this, he managed to bring home the Genio Easton S1 electric bike from the regular price of Rs 5.2 million to just around Rs 4.1 million. Ami Feels Title Transmart All Day Sale This helps him shop more efficiently.

“Yes, it’s also good, it’s cheap. It helps a lot. You know, there are advertisements on TV, so I specifically came here to buy an electric bike. This is so that the children go to extracurricular activities (extracurricular activities),” he explained.

Sekarwati felt the same way. He didn’t even know that Transmart had a big discount today. As a credit card user of Bank Allo or Bank Mega, he finally managed to get an additional 20% discount on the target product.

“I wanted it (electric bikes) for a long time. But it so happened that I got it today, a holiday. I don’t know about the action. The discount is not bad,” he said. met separately.

As a result, he also managed to bring home 1 unit of Exotic Groza MX e-bike from the regular price of Rs 4.65 million to just Rs 3.72 million. Save up to IDR 1 million. As a regular client of Transmart, he admitted that this action helped him a lot.

“(Used) Create take orders, sometimes when someone orders delivery. Help the trade,” he explained.

“I’m used to shopping at Transmart. Alhamdulillah happy, complete, comfortable. Prayer number one, if you want to pray, then it’s easy, clean, you don’t have to go far, you don’t have to go out. close just stand up when the call to prayer appears, you can immediately pray,” he added.

Today, during the Transmart Full Day sale, discounts of up to 50+20% are available on various other attractive promotions that await products such as food, home goods, furniture, cosmetics, electronics and fashion products. Of course, an additional 20% can be obtained using Allo Prime, Mega Bank and Mega Shariat credit cards.

For those who do not have a Mega Bank credit card, do not worry. Instant opening devices are available at Cibubur and Central Park outlets. And for those who do not have Allo Prime, just download the Allo Bank application in the PlayStore or AppStore. Just click this link, download and update Allo Prime.

And so, what are you waiting for? Come soon to your nearest Transmart and enjoy special generous discounts at Transmart All Day Sale.


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