Burger King is going to court. They say that his burgers are a third smaller than in the picture.

Judge Roy Altman said Burger King must defend itself against allegations that displaying Whopper sandwiches on menu boards misleads customers. The lawsuit alleges that Burger King displays hamburgers in images with “bun-crowding” ingredients that make them appear 35 percent larger and contain more than twice as much meat as they actually do.

Brands International, which owns the Burger King chain, defended the allegations, saying it was not required to deliver burgers that look “exactly as pictured.” But the judge ruled that the decision of this issue should be made by the jury. Previous attempts to resolve the dispute have been unsuccessful.

The McDonald’s and Wendy’s chains also faced a similar lawsuit in a Brooklyn court. Likewise, Taco Bell must defend itself in a US court against accusations that its Mexican pizzas and rolls contain only half the toppings shown in the trailers. Each claim requires a minimum compensation of five million dollars (111 million CZK).

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