Budweiser beer and NFT combine in a party metaverse

The Budweiser beer company launched its own collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) which will serve as a key to enter the metaverse that is being created and that they have decided to call “Budverse”. The series of digital collectibles includes 1,936 figures, as a reference to the year in which it began to be marketed in the tin format.

The first series in the collection called “Budverse Cans: Heritage Edition” sold out within a few seconds of its market launch by NFT Opensea, where prices ranged between USD 500 and USD 1,000. The 36 most expensive tokens are considered gold or rarer tokens than the rest.

Hereafter, NFTs will also be available, for US users only, directly on the website budweiser.com/nft using ether (ETH) or bitcoin (BTC) as a form of payment, as detailed by the signature.

Collectibles are digital cans with unique illustrations, photos and advertisements drawn from the historical evolution of the brand. “Each NFT will act as an entry key to the Budverse, unlocking exclusive benefits, rewards and surprises for all holders over the age of 21,” it adds on its website.

Budweiser says your NFTs are key to entering the “Budverse” or your own metaverse that you are creating. Source: budweiser.com/nft.

The firm did not elaborate on the metaverse it is creating, or the surprises and benefits that will be available to owners of its NFTs.

The Czech beer brand has been preparing a party for the metaverse for a while. This is because in August of this year he gave his first signals when he bought an NFT created by the contemporary American artist Tom Sachs. At that time, the company acquired an image called “Life of the Party” which is the drawing of three beer cans forming a rocket on which the word Budweiser is read.

Previously, the beer company made the decision to buy the domain name Beer.eth via Ethereum Name Service on OpenSea.

Budweiser is not the only company that has announced the creation of its own metaverse, in fact, this is a trend these days. As reported by CriptoNoticias, the Adidas firm launched its NFT, an animated representation of the clover logo, used by the firm from its founding in 1949 until 1994.

This announcement was accompanied by an invitation to join the company on its “journey to the metaverse.” Later, on Monday of this week, Adidas Originals hinted on Twitter about a possible association with The Sandbox for the construction of its own metaverse, which could be called “adiVerso”.

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