BTS: the time Selena Gomez declared her love for Jungkook and surprised the ARMY

American singer and actress Selena Gomezwho is known for songs like “Naturally” or “Who Says”, once declared her admiration for the K-Pop boyband btsbut revealed that his favorite member is the maknae jeong jungkookwho recently participated in the Qatar 2022 World Cup ceremony.

What did Selena say about Jungkook?

During a live broadcast on her Instagram account, the artist of Mexican origin confessed her admiration for the boy group and said that they were excellent singers. “I love BTS,” added the American on that occasion. Later, in an interview, selena she was interested in collaborating with the boyband and revealed how much she likes it jungkook. “I want to sing with BTS. They are brilliant guys. Jungkook text me,” she pointed out.

However, the member of the bangtan boys who has shown more interest in the “Boyfriend” singer is taehyungbetter known as V., Well, more than once he has mentioned how much he admires the artist of Mexican origin. “I love Selena,” revealed the Korean artist in an interview for an American program.

Jungkook with Selena Gomez?

The truth is that, although selena He loves boyband music, his favorite is “Golden Maknae”, as he considers it “the most adorable”. Also, jungkook He is very popular abroad, since artists like Justin Bieber or Camila Cabello have declared that they have a crush on him. In fact, the Korean singer made an appearance in the music video for the American “Boyfriend” doll version along with his partner. Jin. The video was released on April 29, 2020, and is very popular among BTS fans, known as ARMYs.


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