Brie Larson shows that she is stronger than ever with this bikini photo

Photo credit: Brie Larson / Instagram - Instagram

Photo credit: Brie Larson / Instagram – Instagram

Brie Larson wears the flower print bikini like no one else, this has been demonstrated in a photo on his Instagram account. The 32-year-old actress, who gives life to ‘Captain Marvel’, has uploaded a post in which she appears sitting on the floor with a bikini that leaves a bruise visible, because of the hard training for her next movie , Y incredibly defined abs accompanied by strong and toned legs.

“Summer is here but training bruises are in every season 😂,” he says in the copy of the post.

His followers have not been slow to leave their opinions in the comments. “OK THOSE ABS 🔥,” another said, “I NEED A MOMENT, YOU TAKEN MY BREATH AWAY,” and another said, “BLESSED CAPTAIN 😍🔥.”

Between the workouts she does for the movies and the gym work she doesn’t skip a day, no wonder Brie is so fit. She also shares all her routines on Instagram, where you have surely been able to see her doing push-ups with chains or even a plank with one hand. In her last training we have seen her practicing stability with the help of a kettlebell, an exercise that makes your shoulders burn from the second repetition.

Brie Larson’s nutritionist, Dr.Philip Goglia, has shared some tips of the actress to have energy during filming, in her day to day and during training. Brie starts her day with a dollop of almond butter and fruit jam before hitting the gym. “Recent scientific studies have shown that a little bit of fat and a little bit of sugar will actually increase the rate of intensity while you train early in the morning,” the doctor explained to the magazine. People

This is how Brie Larson trains to be ‘Captain Marvel’ all year

Meals post workout Brie include boiled eggs and protein shakes, plus eat some fruit after exercise. “To eat, he opts for meat such as chicken with vegetables and makes two snacks before dinner, where he eats more fruit,” the doctor also said.

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