Breaking news A number of former models became athletes until the former Victoria’s Secret angel impoverished

The modeling profession allows a person to be more widely known to the public. The face, which is depicted throughout as the image of the brand, contributes to the popularity of the model. What models do you know, Beauties?

However, the popularity gained through this profession does not guarantee survival. In the end, success is in the hands of each other, it is in how everyone lives their daily lives. This is exactly what happened to a number of former domestic and international models. Now they have different fates. To learn more!

Dia Risti Kusuma Putri

By claiming to be a former model, Dia Risti Kusuma Putri went viral after YouTuber Irfan Jayani spoke about her life. In a video uploaded to Bang Brew Tv’s YouTube channel, Daya can be seen living in an unsettling house. The lack of electricity and clean water makes the house uninhabitable.

Other YouTubers, such as Echa Yosia’s channel, are also recounting the story of a woman, familiarly named Putri, that she was able to move on with her life thanks to the contributions of the community and content creators who came across her.


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