Brasov has a real chance to get a Tesla supercharger and you can vote for it.

New quarter, new vote on the Tesla website for the place of the future Supercharger. Brasov leads the world ranking in terms of the number of votes, but by a small margin.

I am happy with the current rankings, but I think further mobilization is needed to keep Brasov in first place. The supercharger is guaranteed to be built in the winning city in the future..

If you have a Tesla account, please vote here. Usually only car owners have a Tesla account, but it is possible to create an account without owning a car.

Each account gets 5 votes, so there is no need to choose between one city or another. You can vote for more from Romania.

I think Brasov needs a supercharger. Not only are there many Tesla owners in the Bucharest-Brasov corridor, but there are also many owners in the direction of Tirgu Mures and other cities in the area, and the central charging point in Brasov will help everyone.

I would prefer Iasi to be in the top, but Brasov gets more votes from owners in many nearby counties. I hope there will be many others who have not voted yet who will now vote for Brasov, and next quarter let’s all vote for Iasi, which is spelled suspiciously as Lassy on the platform. I will also let you know when Q4 voting opens.

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