Brais Moure (@mouredev), programmer and streamer

Brais Moure, also known as @mouredev on social networks and Twitch, is one of the great exponents in Spanish speaking from the world of programming. Brais, who works as a freelance Full-Stack developer, joined us last week on XTK, Xataka’s Twitch show, to talk about programming, development, how to get started, and some of the myths that surround this very fashionable profession.

Interview with MoureDev in “XTK, the Xataka program” on Twitch

It’s never too late to learn programming

During the interview, Brais told us how he started in software development (he is now specialized in mobile) and your opinion about training at an early age. The developer believes that “more could be done” and that, in his case, he had no programming base in school or high school. “You have been studying officially for 14 years, practically, so that no one talks to you about programming.”

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It is true that, little by little, people are beginning to talk more and more, “even at very early ages or at some extracurricular time, but I think that it is still not usual […] and I am one of those people who believe that just as mathematics, physics, language or history have to be there, programming must be there”.

Regarding starting to program, Brais states that you don’t need a “very expensive computer to program, any gadget will do”, that “There’s no age” (in fact, he states that there are 12-year-olds programming better than him and that people who are 50-years-old have changed everything and got their first developer job) and that, fortunately, now there are many options to learn at our own pace without necessarily going through university or a cycle.

“The only thing we need is time and, above all, the great advice, patience,” says Moure. “This is not a profession that is learned in an afternoon, it is not a profession that is learned in a month. I have been programming for a long time and rare is the day that I do not learn something and rare is the day that I am not wrong 500 times” .

For Brais, programming is one of the best professions, while there is less unemployment, good salaries, it allows changing professions and continuing to evolve. Regarding salaries, MoureDev says that in Spain, for professionals with five, six or seven years of experience, we can talk about 50 or 60,000 euros. “We are losing the pot, but that is a reality.”

XTK, the Xataka program is a daily program presented by Jose García (@josedextro) and Mario Arroyo (@embi41) and that you can see live from Monday to Thursday in the ElStream’s Twitch channel.

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